eCoaching: online coaching for new leaders and digital natives. Develop self-confidence, authentic leadership and inner wellbeing faster.

BLOMON aims to unlock self-confidence, authentic leadership and inner wellbeing. As a new leader in a digital age, you will receive tools to make more conscious choices and steps towards your own personal development, leadership style and a well-balanced life. Breathwork, for example, is a key tool to experience more inner strength, peace and clarity. In addition, BLOMON is specialised in online coaching. This offers more convenience, flexibility and frequent contact moments than regular coaching, allowing you to experience faster progress and success.


I hold a degree in Business Administration, Life Coaching and Yoga. With this diverse background, I have developed a practical and holistic approach to my coaching skills. Together we will work on important themes in your life and break through limiting patterns. We also address your physical, mental and social wellbeing. This has a positive impact on the manifestation of development goals and (work)happiness.

Can you identify yourself in one or more of the personas below? Then you’ve come to the right place!
Do you have any doubts or questions? Please contact me, an initial consultation is free of charge and without obligation.



Lina is 33 years old, mother of 2 young children and manager of digital projects. She is compassionate and understanding to others, but critical to herself. She needs to keep everything in perfect balance, both at work and in private. Lina does not ask for help and does not allow herself any room for shortcomings. This, in combination with a high workload, takes up a great deal of her energy.

If you recognise yourself in Lina, together we will investigate and break through your self-critical attitude. You will receive tools to develop self-compassion, resilience and self-confidence.



Dylan is 26 years old and has started a leadership role. He has a lot on his plate and sometimes gets that paranoid self-conscious or insecure feeling. His colleagues also notice this. He has many doubts and questions: Who am I as a leader? What do I stand for? How do I make my voice heard? How do I get everyone on board? And how do I deal with difficult situations or annoying colleagues?

If you recognise yourself in Dylan, together we will discover what authentic leadership means to you and how you can put this into practice. You will receive tools to further develop your leadership skills.



Sophie is 31 years old and part of the management team of an IT scale-up. She sets high standards for herself and others. Thanks to these high standards Sophie has already achieved a lot, but it has started to take its toll. What she taught herself doesn’t feel right anymore. Her body is tense and thoughts keep spinning in her head. She no longer enjoys her achievements or social network.

If you recognise yourself in Sophie, together we will break through your high standards and improve your inner wellbeing. You will receive tools to develop self-awareness, inner peace and clarity.

"Maike is decisive, positive, honest, involved and a very competent coach. The coaching program has helped me to achieve personal goals, pleasure and balance in my (working) life more quickly."