Are you interested, but is your budget not sufficient? Please do not hesitate to contact me and we will look into possibilities together. I believe that coaching is valuable for everyone and should therefore be accessible.

*BLOMON donates €30 per coaching program to The Blue House Project. This non-profit organization is supporting disadvantaged families in India through education, employment and primary life needs. This breaks the vicious poverty circle in which many families have been imprisoned for generations.

In-house Coaching

Companies interested in online in-house coaching can contact me to align their needs at a discounted rate. I also facilitate team sessions to improve talent development, collaboration, communication and wellbeing.

 "Maike is a great coach who is genuinely interested in me as a person. I knew what I wanted to do, but I always had my doubts. Who am I as a leader? And am I competent enough? Do I have the guts to go for this? Maike asks beautiful open questions, which made me take a critical look at myself. Very confrontational at times, but the process has stimulated me to reflect and step out of my comfort zone. I have gained valuable insights into my potential, attitude and behaviour. But also in my patterns, norms and values. Moreover, I have gained more self-confidence and have taken the desired step in my career now! In short; Maike is decisive, positive, honest, involved and a very competent coach. Maike, thank you very much!" 
N.G. - 35 years - BLOMON Coaching Program
 "As a coach, Maike knows how to provide new insights into limiting thoughts in an organic yet decisive way. She does this by asking in-depth questions. Thanks to effective and fun assignments, I have discovered more and more about myself and what invigorates me. In addition, the coaching program has given me more self-love and self-care. This helps me to realise development goals, pleasure and balance in (working) life. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to be supported in taking steps on a personal or professional level."
E.W. - 35 years - BLOMON Coaching Program
 "This coaching program forced me to reflect on why I do certain things the way I do them. And to what extend I take my own development seriously. As a result, I reserve more time now for my personal development, to reflect and to gain new inspiration. Beforehand, I had some doubts about the online aspect of the process. These doubts were quickly dispelled, thanks to Maike’s involvement and her talent for in-depth questions and getting to the heart of the matter. The contact was even more frequent and more accessible than conventional face-to-face coaching. Maike is a patient coach and let me set my own pace. I have experienced this as very pleasant."
T.D. - 32 years - BLOMON Coaching Program
 "I have got to know Maike as an in-house coach. Together with her I was able to build a team with very diverse individuals and coaching challenges. Maike is able to recognise talents and to unlock potential, which we all have, from an individual. As a result, employees have grown and taken steps in their career. It also resulted in more wellbeing, trust and solidarity within the team. Maike achieves this by being empathetic, patient and decisive in her coaching. She can hold up a mirror in a very pleasant way, so that you learn to look at yourself in a different way. In addition, humour is never far away which makes the contact pleasant, familiar and accessible."
N.L. - 44 years - In-house Coaching